Privacy Policy

This Web site does not collect personally identifiable information.

The Registration form integrates the information you provide into a Lakhvinder internal CRM system in such a manner that the information is not stored by this Web site. Said information is used only for internal operations and is not released to third parties except as set forth below.

This Web site does utilize cookies.

This Web site does collect standard security and diagnostics logging information such as;

  • your IP address.
  • a log of your use, and time of use, associated with your IP address.
  • standard information about your browser, machine and operating system which is freely disclosed by your browser.

Some information may be derived from the aforementioned information for purposes such as statistical analysis of behavior by;

  • geographical region.
  • domain.
  • browser.
  • operating system.

Said derived information is not used to derive your personal identity nor any personally identifiable information other than that which may be incidentally derived such as a personal domain or a browser which openly broadcasts your name, user name or other information.

Information may be used to derive your identity and personally identifiable information about you, and, said information may be released to appropriate authorities;

  • if you access this Web site in a malicious manner.
  • in response to a legal or governmental order.

Registration and account creation are subject to additional terms which are presented at the time of said account creation.

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