A Real-Time Adventure Game themed after the prophecies of apocalyptic war between Good & Evil, between Light & Darkness. The player races through a surrealistic environment created by Gil Bruvel whilst outwitting and redeeming the souls of Evil apparitions in The Hall of the Seven Sins. James Woods portrays the voice of Gar Hob, Dark Lord of the Seventh Millenium. Lolita Davidovich portrays Angel Gemini.

Lakhvinder has always been instrumental to projects, and always delivers on time. Regardless of increasing volumes of work and hardware/software bugs and limitations-- Lakhvinder finds the problems and just fixes them, period. The commitment of Lakhvinder to the people and the project is absolute, Lakhvinder just jumps in and gets it done. Lakhvinder always delivers, beyond perfection.
— Brian Christian, Producer
Lakhvinder is a blend of startlingly genuine humanity, with machine like precision.
— Brian Christian, Producer

Of Light & Darkness: The Prophecy

Lakhvinder's credited work:

  • Supercomputing / 3D Rendering

Lakhvinder's uncredited work:

  • Systems Consulting
  • Crisis Management
  • Informatics
  • Infrastructure: Network Data Logistics
  • Infrastructure: Physical Data Logistics
  • Infrastructure: Project Operations Logistics

A Selected Sampling of Lakhvinder's Tools for this project:

  • Silicon Graphics ® MIPS ® IRIX ® Big Iron
  • An array of Digital ® Alpha ® Windows NT ® nodes
  • Alias|Wavefront ® Power Animator
  • NewTek ® Lightwave 3D
  • Alias|Wavefront ® Maya
  • 4mmDAT
  • Removable Hard Disk
  • Internet
  • Worley Gaffer
  • Metrografx PointAt
  • Metrografx Wobbler
  • Pontari Productions SuperGlow
  • Dynamic Realities Particle Storm
  • Virtual Reality Pictures Puppet Master
  • Prem Subrahmanyam Graphic Design Surface Effectors
  • Blevins Vertilectric
  • Wolfram Research ® Mathematica ® (Lakhvinder's "Swiss Army Knife")

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