Winter weather testing of TS has been completed using GI.1sentinel prototypes numbering in the hundreds, the Lakhvinder Microwave Pulse Bombardment Apparatus, and AmI Brick based Sentinel Prototypes. Testing was conducted in fields along highways throughout California in the areas of Heavenly Valley, Yuba City, the Sutter Buttes, Sutter County, Roseville, Folsom, Rocklin, Lincoln, Nevada City, Lake Tahoe and along the border of Nevada. These experiments comprised wet weather, hail and snow.

Many thanks to farmers, ranchers, landowners, law enforcement and public safetey in communities old and communities new—warm friendships formed in the cold darkness, on wet and icy home soil with a look in the eyes and a firm handshake. Cold darkness broken by warm, proud community and lit by their curiosity.

My respect to community, and, to the California Highway Patrol.

Exclusive intellectual property of Lakhvinder.

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