Conceptual design for components of a zero gravity and micro gravity optical processor factory hosted within, or mounted upon, an orbital vessel or structure.

The factory is intended to produce three dimensional optical photon based processors as 7.62 cm spheres to be formed within crystalline cubes of 7.62 cm x 7.62 cm x 7.62 cm. The factory is intended to be deployed in sets of 3 modules. Each module is a 1 meter cube with; one as the actual process factory module, the second as a consumables storage and capacitor module, and, the third for storage of the completed products and surplus consumables. Open, external host structure mounting adds to the size of the modules for shielding and inter-module flexi-conduit product handling. This is a conceptual design to be developed as theoretical and experimental work progresses, and, as a function of available host vessels and structures. This work is towards BFMSAViMIV. This work may be superseded by developments in Lakhvinder's theoretical works in extremely high energy plasmas which may allow for earth based manufacture of high purity structures.

The exclusive intellectual property of Lakhvinder.

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