Modeling and simulation platform for the research, analysis, design, development and verification of components of the BFM ™SAViM ™ IV optical photon based processors including the computeCELL ™, the memoryCELL ™and the flowSPACE-CELL ™.

The modeling and simulation platform is implemented in software and deployed atop the Maplesoft ® Maplemathematical computation environment. The platform runs atop a Hewlett-Packard ® xw8600 workstation with 8 intel ® cores, nvidia ® CUDA acceleration, 64 GiB of RAM and an internal LSI ® RAID 5 15K SAS array atop Microsoft ® Vista x64. The simulator runs from within Maple ™ calling Lakhvinder developed CUDA libraries which run on the nvidia ®, and, external routines of source code generated by the platform and Maple ™ which are compiled with third-party compilers.

The platform is temporal in nature and utilizes a highly modular cellular automata computational strategy allowing for diverse experimentation with variations, rapid fault-isolation/correction, and Monte Carlo analysis. The platform allows for heterogeneously variable modeling, simulation and analysis from the abstract functional block level down to the fundamental optical device/gate level on a per object basis. Visual analysis is made tractable by the robust capabilities of the MapleTM environment.

It is anticipated that Lakhvinder shall architect and deploy a future version of the platform using Maple, the Maple Grid Computing Toolbox, Maple NAG ® Connector and NAG ® on intel ® only. Thus, we may concentrate on the work at hand rather than losing oneself in the nuances of balancing and optimizing for external routines, interfacing environments and nvidia® CUDA. Lakhvinder anticipates deployment upon intel / Maple / NAG / Microsoft® Windows® HPC Server 2008 conditional upon vendor platform support and cost-effectiveness. Such a system will allow real-time modeling, simulation and analysis at the small scale functional block and discrete isolated fundamental block level whilst providing for greatly accelerated productivity on the large scale functional and fundamental levels.

The exclusive intellectual property of Lakhvinder.

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