Modeling and simulation platform for the research, analysis, design, development and verification of components of the BFM ™ SAViM ™ III electron based processors including the computeCELL ™, the memoryCELL ™ and the flowSPACE-CELL ™.

The modeling and simulation platform is implemented in software and deployed atop the Maplesoft ® Maple ™ mathematical computation environment. The platform runs atop a Hewlett-Packard ® xw8600 workstation with 8 intel ® cores and nvidia ® CUDA acceleration, using 34 GiB+ of 64 GiB available RAM with an internal LSI ® RAID 5 15K SAS array atop Microsoft ® Vistax64. The simulator runs from within Maple ™ calling Lakhvinder developed CUDA libraries which run on the nvidia ®, and, external routines of source code generated by the platform and Maple which are compiled with third-party compilers.

The platform is temporal in nature and utilizes a highly modular cellular automata computational strategy allowing for diverse experimentation with variations, rapid fault-isolation/correction, and Monte Carlo analysis. The platform allows for heterogeneously variable modeling, simulation and analysis from the abstract functional block level down to the fundamental circuit/gate level. Visual analysis is made tractable by the robust capabilities of the Maple ™ environment.

The exclusive intellectual property of Lakhvinder.

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