VIVA! Choices ™ is a venture start-up offering a range of services, resources, social networking, a marketplace and a community providing Baby boomers with lifestyle and needs for an extended family including themselves, their parents and their children.

Lakhvinder is providing technology & communications design, development and deployment as well as other aspects of VIVA! Choices ™.

Viva! Choices

Adult Life Done Right

Viva! Choices is a Community Social Network bringing together Consumers and Professional Providers in order to empower Baby Boomer's with the Products, Services, Information, Knowledge and Community Support they need for an Active Lifestyle for themselves, their Children and their Parents.


More Time & More Options!

Life is challenging, there simply isn't enough time in a day. Are you feeling overwhelmed trying to maintain a career, spend quality time with your family and take care of the increasing needs of your children and parents?

Viva! Choices is your first point of contact to live a more balanced life with freedom from guilt, less stress and more peace of mind.

Viva! for Individuals

For adults of the Baby Boomer Generation and all Generations, Viva! Choices brings to you a Community of the products, services, information, knowledge and support to provide for the needs of life, and, to free your time to live with your friends and family! A wide array of in-home, personal and errand services are just a phone call or click away.

Viva! Choices provides for the needs of life, and to free the time to live.

Viva! for Family

We all want an outstanding quality of life for our children and parents- but they may need more help on a weekly or daily basis than we can give them. Every 11 Seconds a Baby Boomer turns 60 †. A new phenomenon has resulted in Baby Boomer's having the primary responsibility for the care of 3 or more generations of family including themselves, their children and their parents. Viva! Choices will be there when you can't be.

Viva! Choices brings to you and your family, a complete portfolio for Baby Boomer life allowing for traditional values through modern technology. Viva! Choices provides a Community for the products, services, information, knowledge and support your family needs in order to achieve full & active lifestyles of dignity and happiness.

Viva! for Business

It is estimated that US businesses lose $39 billion every year to lost productivity and absenteeism † as employees struggle with concerns and time in their personal lives and in caring for their families. Viva! Choices addresses these concerns by providing the products, services, information, knowledge and community support which your employees need in order to achieve productive and personally fulfilling lives. Viva! Choices allows businesses to make available the complete Viva! portfolio to their employees as benefits. In addition to improving the lives and workplace of employees, Viva! Choices helps Business to attract and retain a skilled workforce.

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† Source of statistics is Viva! Choices LLC.

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