The Sentinel ™ is the fundamental functional element of Ambient Intelligence for Territorial Saturation. A Sentinel is a simple, inexpensive, robust and autonomous device designed to perform a simple, well defined and well understood function over a potentially long service life or over a short terminal service life.

A Sentinel is an unobtrusive device whether for reasons of Lo Load (LO LoaD: Low Observable, Low Detectable) or for reasons of aesthetics. Whilst the devices, and their individual functions, are very simple and reflexive- the collective Ambient Intelligence performs very complex and useful tasks in an emergent manner. In the context of a functional architecture, Ambient Intelligence refers to the collective of devices existing and operating in a given finite 3-space and to the resulting emergent behavior arising from said collective. In this context the Intelligence of Ambient Intelligence refers to the functional logic, architecture and emergent behavior of the devices and their collective presence. In addition to the Sentinel, a flavor of Sentinel referred to as an Embedded Sentinel, is embedded into existing and off the shelf systems which integrates and allows said systems to participate in an Ambient Intelligence. Thus, existing weapons, effects, remote & autonomous unmanned vehicles, communications and informatics systems may be integrated into Territorial Saturation. The exclusive intellectual property of Lakhvinder.

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