3D CGI television pilot episode in the 30 minute format. Lakhvinder performed supercomputing, informatics, operations, logistics, audio engineering, video engineering, technical & advisory consulting, creative writing, trailer design, software consulting & testing, software engineering / programming, mathematical algorithmic R&D and crisis management.

The Elf King

The Elf King PosterThe Elf King is a 3D CGI animated episodic television project in the 30 minute format. Inspired by centuries of tales such as those of the Brothers Grimm, the proof of concept pilot was produced within a budget of only (USD) $700K.

An interesting note is that at the tail-end of the project, Lakhvinder re-rendered the entire pilot episode at a higher level of quality and a commensurate increase in compute- and work-load.

Lakhvinder's credited work

  • Video Engineering
  • Supercomputing & Image Rendering
  • Technical Consulting
  • Software Consulting & Testing
  • Programming
  • Trailer Design & Creative Writing

Lakhvinder's uncredited work

  • Crisis Management
  • Informatics: Network Data Logistics
  • Infrastructure: Project Operations Logistics
  • Audio Engineering
  • Mathematical Algorithmic Research & Development

A Selected Sampling of Lakhvinder's Tools for this project

  • Silicon Graphics ® MIPS ® IRIX ® Big Iron
  • An array of intel ® Windows ® nodes
  • intel ® Windows ® servers
  • Alias|Wavefront ® Maya
  • Internet
  • Shake
  • Wolfram Research ® Mathematica ® (Lakhvinder's "Swiss Army Knife")The Elf King Series Design Manual
  • Lakhvinder proprietary scene data cleansers and data massagers to parse, repair and rewrite unusable Maya ® scenes and data (written in Mathematica ®)
  • Lakhvinder proprietary renderer emulating Maya ® image synthesis look and feel to render scenes which were not renderable with Maya ® (written in Mathematica ®, reads scenes and all initial data then outputs C or Fortran code ready to be compiled and executed for synthesis of images)
  • Lakhvinder developed workarounds to software bugs in Maya ® which could neither be solved nor remedied by client and Alias ® (written in Mathematica ®) The Elf King Archived Website
  • Lakhvinder developed Shake modules for the solution of various hardware, software and process problems, deficiencies and limitations
  • Lakhvinder developed algorithms for image processing, motion image processing and audio processing (developed and prototyped in with Mathematica ®, deployed in Shake and C)

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