A Star Trek ® episodic adventure game. Voice cast starring William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols and Mark Leonard. Informatics, high performance computation, logistics, technical & advisory consulting, operations and crisis management.


Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan FuryThousands of years ago, in the midst of civil war, the Vulcans split into two peoples-- the Vulcans and those who would become the Romulans. During the war, the Vulcans used a space station called "Fury" to destroy the Romulan Fleets. The station drew it's power from the twin planets and it's operation required a Vulcan to mind meld with the station. Following the destruction of their Fleets, the surviving Romulans fled to settle several planets and establish the Romulan Star Empire.

After thousands of years the Romulans have bid to establish peace with Vulcan. The USS Enterprise is to provide security for the peace conference on Vulcan. The peace conference, however, is a ruse. The Romulan intention is to find and control the "Fury"

Lakhvinder is a seamless team player, an extension of your ideal self. The communications between our companies was great, we never had a communications gap. No matter when we called, there was always someone on hand to take care of everything. Always on top of every aspect of the project, and, speaking the language and style of our company and our industry. Lakhvinder has an uncanny ability to speak with every individual in the language and style of that individual's profession and culture-- communicating even the most complex of technology within the context of, and relevance to, that individual with crystal clear clarity. Lakhvinder is committed to you, and to your project. 
— Brian Christian, Producer
If you need to get it done, then Lakhvinder's the one to go to.
— Brian Christian, Producer

Lakhvinder's work

  • Supercomputing / 3D Rendering
  • Systems Consulting
  • Crisis Management
  • Informatics: Network Data Logistics
  • Infrastructure: Project Operations Logistics

A Selected Sampling of Lakhvinder's Tools for this project

  • An array of Digital ® Alpha ® Windows NT ® nodes
  • NewTek ® Lightwave 3D
  • Internet
  • Worley Gaffer
  • Metrografx PointAt & Wobbler
  • Pontari Productions SuperGlow
  • Dynamic Realities Particle Storm
  • Virtual Reality Pictures Puppet Master
  • Prem Subrahmanyam Graphic Design Surface Effectors
  • Blevins Vertilectric
  • Wolfram Research ® Mathematica ® (Lakhvinder's "Swiss Army Knife")

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