A Star Trek ® real-time space combat simulator game in which you are in the role of a Starfleet Academy Cadet in simulator command training. Starring William Shatner, Walter Koenig and George Takei. Informatics, high performance computation, logistics, technical & advisory consulting, operations and crisis management.

Our volume was so tremendous, and, Lakhvinder's capacity was equally tremendous. Regardless of what we threw at Lakhvinder-- without a flinch, Lakhvinder always kept us on schedule and maintained the same perfection throughout. Lakhvinder is always there for you and consistently performs above and beyond.
— Brian Christian
Lakhvinder always gets it done, he's a Genius!
— Brian Christian

Lakhvinder's workStar Trek: Starfleet Academy

  • Supercomputing / 3D Rendering
  • Systems Consulting
  • Crisis Management
  • Informatics: Network Data Logistics
  • Infrastructure: Project Operations Logistics

A Selected Sampling of Lakhvinder's Tools for this project

  • An array of Digital ® Alpha ® Windows NT ® nodes
  • NewTek ® Lightwave 3D
  • Internet
  • Worley Gaffer
  • Metrografx PointAt
  • Metrografx Wobbler
  • Pontari Productions SuperGlow
  • Dynamic Realities Particle Storm
  • Virtual Reality Pictures Puppet Master
  • Prem Subrahmanyam Graphic Design Surface Effectors
  • Blevins Vertilectric
  • Wolfram Research ® Mathematica ® (Lakhvinder's "Swiss Army Knife")

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