An analysis of flocking behaviour in MotoGP motorcycle racing. This work produced "The Book" on MotoGP flocking behaviour for use;

  • by teams, in order to achieve tactical advantage.
  • by racers, in order to develop predictive instincts to achieve tactical advantage.
  • by teams, in order to achieve strategic advantage.
  • by governing bodies, in order to develop codes and standards for competitor safety whilst creating a more engaging spectator experience.
  • by governing bodies and circuit & course designers, in order to create courses with balance of safety, challenge and spectator experience.

Video & image processing, motion analysis, target identification, data acquisition, mathematical modeling, analysis and simulation were performed with proprietary Lakhvinder tools developed atop Adobe ® Creative Suite 4 Master Collection ® and Maplesoft ® Maple ™. The computing was performed on a wireless cluster of two Hewlett-Packard EliteBook 8730w Mobile Workstations providing 8 intel ® cores and acceleration on two nvidia Quadro FX 3700M GPU's. Research, modeling, analysis, computation, visualization, communication and writing were all performed in the field whilst completely mobile.

Compute intensive routines were externalized as modules written in derivatives of C, Fortran and Python. Python was extended with the use of SciPy, pyCUDA and mpi4py.

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