GI.1sentinel prototypes

Lakhvinder has begun production of the first Lakhvinder | TS Sentinel prototype for experimentation. These Sentinels are of the GI.1sentinel First Generation Sentinel Architecture (GIsentinel) constructed of modified off the shelf components, custom components and integral ceramic polyhedral shells measuring 3 cm to 7 cm diameter in octahedral and dodecahedral forms. The Sentinels have been equipped with various sensory capabilities. The ceramic shells have been manufactured by artistic techniques of ceramic casting and ceramic firing followed by processes using Dremel ® tools by hand and in improvised electromechanical rigs.

The first production runs are powered by battery with solar photovoltaic cells to follow in later production runs. Power consumption with sensors is 1mW to 5 mW. Maximum communications range is slightly in excess of 100 meters.

Purpose of the physical prototypes

Lakhvinder is digitally designing and digitally simulating the physical assets of TS. The physical prototypes allow for experimentation to prove the theory, validate the design and allow for the calibration of the simulations for accuracy.

Nature of Experiments

The devices shall be dropped by hand, numbering in the hundreds, over an area measuring 100 meters in diameter. The devices shall be observed under various environs and weather. The devices shall be subjected to microwave pulse bombardment across environs. The next phase shall subject the devices to full spectrum electromagnetic pulses. We shall cover the gamut of environs from hot to cold, dry to wet, and oceanic.

In another phase, we shall commence air drops from a crop duster or blimp.

Purpose of the Experiments

In these experiments, we shall be characterizing device failure under microwave pulse bombardment and verifying the hive's fault tolerance & compensation under electromagnetic attack.

The exclusive intellectual property of Lakhvinder.

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