Lakhvinder was engaged by a Client to collaborate on bringing to fruition the Client’s Venture to develop and bring to market a Flywheel Energy Storage System (FES System). The publicly disclosed applications for the FES System are as a distributed Smart Grid Energy Storage System at the points of;

  • the Utility,
  • the Energy Warehouse,
  • the Business,
  • and the Home.

In addition to these applications as a Smart Grid Battery and Energy Warehouse, the FES System has also been disclosed publicly with applications as;

  • a Pulse Power Source and Extended Uninterruptable Power Supply for business, industry, government, military and laboratory.

Lakhvinder’s collaboration at this stage was miscellaneous consulting in the realm of Venture Economics and Finance.

Within 1 week of engagement, Lakhvinder had engaged 1 Private Equity Investor / Customer. At T+2 weeks, Lakhvinder had engaged an additional Fortune 50 Corporate Investor / Customer. At T+6 weeks, Lakhvinder had engaged and brought to the table 4 Investors / Customers comprised of 1 Private Equity Concern, 2 Fortune 50 Corporations and 1 Fortune 300 Corporation.

At T+8 weeks, the Venture Finance Deal had been inked and fully executed with the Private Equity Investor.

The identities of the Client and the Investors / Customers remain undisclosed in order to protect the interests and privacy of the Client, the Investors / Customers, and of Lakhvinder.

Flywheel Energy Storage Systems, and Smart Grid Energy Storage Systems in general, allow for the intelligent management, storage, distribution, re-distribution and temporal distribution of energy in the Smart Grid. Temporal, peak and off-peak distribution and redistribution of energy from every point of utility to business to home allows for an adaptive Smart Grid with inherent efficiency, redundancy and a robust nature. Temporal energy management also allows, and is essential for, intermittent Green Energy Resources such as photovoltaic, wind and tidal. Flywheel technology in particular brings simplicity in form, and efficiency in function. Such technology also opens new energy economics in the form of Energy Warehousing as a business model as well as Energy Warehousing omnidirectionally from the utility, business and home. Additionally, flywheel technology also provides Extended UPS functionality and provides a Pulse Power Source for energy bursts required for military, industrial and scientific applications.

This particular Flywheel Energy Storage Technology is the intellectual property of the Client. Said Technology is unrelated to other Lakhvinder Endeavours and Ventures.

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