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Terrestrial / Territorial Saturation: A system for secure & robust AmI (Ambient Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), M2M (Machine to Machine), WoT (Web of Things) and global scale autonomous control and predictive analytics for defense, intelligence, transportation and industrial applications.

On the verge of enlightenment, discovery,
awareness & control.

Download Territorial Saturation: Global Ambient Intelligence Sensory Saturation variation for your clearance level. (Draft v1.4 [26 pages], Formal v2.0 [350 pages], Current v6.0 [2,498 pages])

Introductory Context

Under the Umbrella, Gil BruvelEvery object, phenomena and abstraction has inherent information attributable to it's characteristics and states. This information is dynamic, temporal and interwoven in undiscovered relations. Much of this information is, also, locked in isolation with relations imperceptible.

At the dawn of the 21st century, human technology has elicited needles of light in the void of darkness, instrumented by untethered sensor, control and communications technologies. Much of these beginnings of information and control remain locked and isolated.

The internet is the incarnation of humanity's first generation technology, an infrastructure, for unlocking isolated clusters of information and communication. The internet is the progenitor to meaningful semantic informatics, collaboration and meta society.

MEMS and nanotechnology usher in pervasive ubiquity across scales and environments. Computing, sensing and autonomous devices embedded in your everyday environment. These devices remain locked in isolation without an infrastructure.

Informatics, semantics and cognition generate discovery from unlocked information whilst providing robust collectives of autonomy through emergent behaviour. Informatics and semantics remain unfed, whilst device cognition remains under deployed, without infrastructure.

Lakhvinder|TS is a mammoth undertaking which provides the infrastructure, unlocks the information, untethers the potential into deployed reality and brings light to the void so that it can be known and manipulated towards scientific understanding, technological capability and the betterment of the human condition. Lakhvinder|TS creates new industry and ushers in the next era of human enlightenment, discovery, awareness and control.

Lakhvinder Technologies: The Infrastructure

In both nature, and in the products of human endeavour, there are superorganisms— self organizing systems manifested through emergent behaviour. These systems are comprised of very simple constituent entities, which are endowed with very simple functions. The collective system, however, exhibits complex behaviour and characteristics which are beyond the scope of the individual constituent elements.

Ants and termites each are capable of only the most simple behaviours, however, the colony is able to achieve most complex results in systems behaviour and construction of structures. The colony  is a superorganism, manifested as the result of emergent behaviour.

Birds and fish, each responding to simple stimuli with simple reflex, achieve complex results in flocking behaviour and threat response as a collective.

In each case, there is no high level reasoning, no hierarchical leadership nor pre-conceived design. These are examples of self organizing emergent systems. Complex results achieved from robust collectives of very simple autonomous and robust elements.

The Sentinel ™

The Sentinel is the fundamental functional element, the fundamental building block, of Ambient Intelligence for TS. A Sentinel is a simple, inexpensive, robust and autonomous device designed to perform a simple, well defined and well understood function over a potentially long service life or over a short terminal service life. The Sentinel takes form in three incarnations, each in three flavors of hardware, software or hybrid.


The first incarnation is the complete Sentinel.

Sentinel Reference Design

The second incarnation is the Sentinel reference design for third parties to build systems by means of wrapping their sensor, effects and other technologies around the reference architecture. Third parties may thus deploy their technologies into TS, and, new technologies may quickly be integrated into TS and participate in the ambient intelligence. This is the means by which third parties produce Sentinels.

Embedded Sentinel

The third incarnation is the Embedded Sentinel which is designed for integration into existing systems which, in turn, integrates these systems into TS allowing them to participate in the ambient intelligence. This is the means by which existing systems are transformed into Sentinels.

ambML ™: Ambient Markup Language ™

ambML is the language of the Sentinels. ambML is the language by which Sentinels emit information to, and perceive information in, the Ambient Intelligence. ambML is an XML based language for ubiquitous & pervasive ambient intelligence devices.

more to come...

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