The Management of Lakhvinder. The People of Lakhvinder assigned the duties of management as executive officers (executive directors or Vorstand).

  • Lakhvinder Singh Takhar

    Lakhvinder Singh Takhar

    Chairman, CEO, CSDTO (Science, Design & Technology), Co-Founder


    Lakhvinder Singh TakharLakhvinder Singh Takhar is the founding Chairman, CEO and CSDTO of Lakhvinder David Takhar center for advanced studies since inception on August 1, 1986. Mr. Takhar stands with an operational experience of over a quarter century of global engagement in the exploration and application of science, design, technology and special operations to enterprises across industry, finance, education, government & public policy, defense & intelligence, media & entertainment, marketing and humanitarian.

    Lakhvinder Singh Takhar is a scientist, engineer and designer who expresses himself primarily from the platform of business in the development and application of science & technology towards enlightenment, the creation of knowledge and beauty, global economic advancement and the betterment of the human condition. He is the son of Bakhsho Kaur Takhar, the great-grandson of Karm Singh Chima and the brother of Jasvinder Kaur Takhar.

    The portfolio of the Organization represents the personal body of work of Mr. Takhar. Specializing in high security non-trivial advanced systems development and services under crisis operations, much of his work remains confidential. We shall discuss here, some of his publicly disclosed body of work.

  • Jas Takhar

    Jas Takhar

    CLO (Chief Liaison Officer)


    Jas TakharJas Takhar (full proper name: Jasvinder Kaur Takhar) is a sales, marketing and relationship management executive who has, over the course of a distinguished career, seen her natural talent for human relationships honed to become a master in the rapid development and management of enduring human and corporate relationships.

    The diversity of Lakhvinder's operations across borders, industries and cultures has developed within Jas a robust fluency in technical & social relationships, many of which have been formed in the fires of crisis management.

    The daughter of Bakhsho Kaur Takhar, the sister of Lakhvinder Singh Takhar and the great-granddaughter of Karm Singh Chima— Jas first developed her skills and talents from the ground up during her education and externally prior to joining the Organization in 1988.

  • Bakhsho Kaur Takhar

    Bakhsho Kaur Takhar

    The Foundation of Everything
    Director and Co-Founder

    Mommy Bakhsho Kaur TakharBakhsho Kaur Takhar is the Co-Founder of Lakhvinder, and the most honoured and revered Director on both the Governance and Management Boards of Lakhvinder. She is Perfection, and the Foundation of Everything. She is the mother of Lakhvinder Singh Takhar, the granddaughter of Karm Singh Chima and the mother of Jasvinder Kaur Takhar.

    A Great Soul has left this earth. An innocent light of pure love and beauty, an elegant and noble Lady. Beloved Mother, you are the Lord of our Lives and the Master of our Souls. In this world, you have touched all with your radiance. Mother, add your most perfect light now to God, and shine upon and within us forever. We are the lights and guardians here of your faith, love and dreams. Mother, you begin the next wonderful adventure with God, then we shall join you to continue the eternal journey of adventure, peace, love and happiness. Mother, with God, direct and light our paths and we shall follow. Mother, you are the Eternal Wonderful Baby Child of Love and Light, play! Play, Honey, Play!


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