• HP ® xw8600 Desktop Workstation with Dreamcolor ™.
  • HP EliteBook ® 8730w Mobile Workstation with Dreamcolor.
  • HP Dreamcolor ® display.

The finest Desktop Workstation in the World, our laboratory computing instrument of choice. The finest Mobile Workstation in the World, our field computing instrument of choice. The Dreamcolor displays are the finest visual display instruments in the World, subjectively and by measurable objectivity.

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Why HP?

HP builds computers with superior forethought and design— not by the common methods of hit, miss and kitchen sink. My work places great demands upon me, and, requires that I be nimble and ready to turn on an unpredictable dime. I demand the same precision and reliability from my computers as I demand from any of my other field and laboratory instruments— I must demand it, and HP delivers. HP delivers workstations in the form of an instrument designed and built as a whole system, with every component tested and certified in every conceivable combination of those components. An HP computer is a complete HP system designed and built with reliability and accuracy foremost, and, protected with one source of service, HP. With Hewlett-Packard, we can acquire complete systems with complete services from a partner with a long heritage of  building innovative scientific and technical instruments with reliability and accuracy, by design. With Hewlett-Packard, I can concentrate on my work unencumbered, knowing that HP is there to build and back these crucial computing tools. I need to trust my laboratory and field instruments— when I see that HP logo, I know I can.

Global business? Global Terrestrial Saturation? Global life? Global HP has my back! I can concentrate on my work, unencumbered & untethered. In these tumultuous times; HP was there yesterday, HP is here with me today, and HP will have my back tomorrow.

Lakhvinder, Unencumbered & Untethered

Unencumbered, the HP xw8600 Desktop Workstation

hp xw8600 with Dreamcolor

8 cores, 64 GByte RAM to run in core memory and high speed true hardware RAID 5 to scratch in out of core memory. Every form of media reader and optical disk, which are all front accessible. Quiet and effective cooling by design rather than by blind approximation. Certified, not just checking off a list of system requirements, actually certified for a range of technical applications diverse enough to keep up with even me. Automated, unattended RAID maintenance performed in the background by hardware and firmware. A tool-less chassis, inside and out; the side panel is removed with one hand exposing tool-less hard drives which are lit up by the RAID HBA hardware for identification. The system ships with HP backup & recovery, HP Insight Diagnostics as well as the HP Performance Tuning Framework which allows for a single point of polished documentation, system information, graphics drivers with listed certifications, diagrams of the system, system information and even features for the SpacePilot. Rather than wrestling with an unstable collection of parts and the inevitable circus of manufacturers playing point the finger, the HP xw8600 provides for a tested and certified system with a single point of acquisition and a single point of HP protection. The xw8600 allows for me to concentrate on my work, rather than wrestling with the instrument.

With my diverse and interdisciplinary works, the xw8600's resources provide a singular system on which I can run a range of certified applications and through which I can control a range of instruments from computational to sensory. With the xw8600's stability, I can proceed forward assured that future applications will co-exist on the system.

Unencumbered & Untethered, the HP EliteBook 8730w Mobile Workstation

hp EliteBook 8730w field & lab instrument in ivy during Lakhvinder|TS experiments.

The xw8600 workstation is my laboratory instrument, it allows me to go forth into the frontier to innovate-­unencumbered. The EliteBook 8730w mobile workstation is my field instrument, it allows me to go forth unencumbered & untethered. The EliteBook is a Hewlett-Packard instrument— HP didn't need to build the EliteBook to meet the military specification MIL-STD 810F, but they did. The EliteBook 8730w truly is the embodiment of what it is to be a Hewlett-Packard instrument, a marvelous and elegant 7.6 pound instrument delivering full workstation capabilities in a truly precision mobile form. You can't put that kind of capability into a 7.6 pound rock solid, cool running and stable notebook by using the common cram in the kitchen sink method— this is an elegant Hewlett-Packard instrument, an EliteBook by design. I believe that nothing personifies the Hewlett-Packard heritage of fine scientific instruments more than the EliteBook line, in it's entirety. Innovation, inspiration and crisis don't keep office hours, schedule in advance nor do they congregate in a convenient place— the EliteBook is my mobile window to the world, from anywhere in the world! In fact, my application software set on my EliteBook 8730w is the same set as on my xw8600 desktop workstation.

hp EliteBook 8730w field & lab instrument in a tree during Lakhvinder|TS experiments.

The EliteBook 8730w defines unencumbered and untethered, a singular system which is fully integrated, certified and tested. The elegantly designed EliteBook, with the HP Ultra capacity battery and meeting MIL-STD 810F, is truly mobile-­including in the field, the actual field. From the Dreamcolor, to the EliteBook design to even the keyboard— the EliteBook is the product of the Hewlett-Packard heritage of innovation and quality. I must confess, the EliteBook keyboard is so fantastic— I wish there was a desktop version to replace the keyboards on my desktops and other fixed computers in the laboratory.

My Window to the World, the HP Dreamcolor

hp Dreamcolor

The Dreamcolor is my window to the world. Between the conceptual world of pixels and the physical world of photons and metal, there is an invisible threshold across which colors and texture do not translate. The Dreamcolor unlocks this invisible world and brings unity to the triangle of thought, design and form.  The Dreamcolor allows me to observe the full fidelity of nature while allowing me to design within the full fidelity of the final form whether it be photons, film, textile or metal. With Dreamcolor, I'm seeing in the colors of what I observe and analyze, and, I'm designing in the colors and textures of the film and metal in which I build. The Dreamcolor is a fine visual instrument which holds up to the precision and accuracy that I demand of my other finely crafted field and laboratory instruments.

With computation pervasive as an instrument in every field of human endeavour; should it not be expected, and demanded, that this window perform as a finely crafted precision instrument?

How we use HP's


We're quite familiar with the heritage of HP from our using the iron of the 1970's; to setting up a lab of HP 150 II touchscreen computers; to plotters, lasers, the advent of inkjets; the 68K based workstations which upgraded to the HPPA™; the Apollo ® 10000; Convex ® Supers ; Digital ®, from VAX ® to microVAX ® and on through MIPS ® and Alpha ™; and don't forget the calculators— I still carry an HP28S which I bought around 1986-1989, perfect condition and used every day. It's incredible how tough those calculators were, indestructible. The Durakeys ™ technology used to build the keyboards for the EliteBooks of today, had it's first incarnation with those calculators of yesterday.


These are our laboratory and field workstations. Computation touches every field of human endeavor, HP touches every aspect of my work as Lakhvinder the individual and Lakhvinder the organization. I explore and invent on HP. The EliteBook and Dreamcolor are the window through which I see the World, and , the window through which I effect change in the World.

The EliteBook also allows for me to design systems now, which will be targeted towards capabilities that will exist for mainstream and fully rugged mobile computers in the future. Capabilities which exist on the EliteBook today. Additionally, the EliteBook 8730w allows tremendous flexibility for me to re-task the units for development and testing in a multitude of personalities. The capabilities of the EliteBook 8730w allow for me to task the units as a workstation, a system simulator, a field device, a simulator node, an emulation node, a data acquisition device, a control system, embedded systems, emulators of natural phenomena, a server and many other roles be they Windows ® or Linux ® or multiple instances by virtualization.

The Future?

With the capabilities of the EliteBooks and conjecture on the upcoming generations of mobiles providing increased memory, multiple SSD's and other attributes— I see our near term computing environment as unencumbered & untethered with mobiles, supercomputers and hosting. That is to say, all computing from mobile workstations and devices accessing high performance computation and sensitive services on our supercomputers while non-sensitive services are hosted in the cloud. In the field, EliteBooks with two RAID 0/1 SSD's will provide fantastic performance and reliability whilst in the laboratory a large Dreamcolor and an eSATA RAID 0 or RAID 5 round the solution. I envision a financially favorable upgrading of mobiles every 12 to 18 months, providing leading edge performance with singular integrated systems producing a green computing environment with far less harmful mass, energy and heat. Yes, that's good— mobiles, supers and hosting in the short term future.

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