Lakhvinder Singh Takhar

Chairman, CEO, CSDTO (Science, Design & Technology), Co-Founder


Lakhvinder Singh TakharLakhvinder Singh Takhar is the founding Chairman, CEO and CSDTO of Lakhvinder David Takhar center for advanced studies since inception on August 1, 1986. Mr. Takhar stands with an operational experience of over a quarter century of global engagement in the exploration and application of science, design, technology and special operations to enterprises across industry, finance, education, government & public policy, defense & intelligence, media & entertainment, marketing and humanitarian.

Lakhvinder Singh Takhar is a scientist, engineer and designer who expresses himself primarily from the platform of business in the development and application of science & technology towards enlightenment, the creation of knowledge and beauty, global economic advancement and the betterment of the human condition. He is the son of Bakhsho Kaur Takhar, the great-grandson of Karm Singh Chima and the brother of Jasvinder Kaur Takhar.

The portfolio of the Organization represents the personal body of work of Mr. Takhar. Specializing in high security non-trivial advanced systems development and services under crisis operations, much of his work remains confidential. We shall discuss here, some of his publicly disclosed body of work.

Survey of a public course of life

Take Off, Gil BruvelBorn in 1968, the emergence of Mr. Takhar into a public career began at age 11 in 1980 with his 1980 to 1983 work in computer science & engineering, systems science, enterprise architecture and expert systems leading to his development of systems in enterprise automation and education as well as the associated enterprise architecture. Mr. Takhar has continued on to;

    • 23 projects in enterprise architecture involving the evolution & alignment of enterprises with modern science, design and technology.
    • 4 projects developing systems for education.

From 1983 to 1984, Mr. Takhar continued his work in education and began his work in informatics, analytics, robotics, sensors and data acquisition. During this period, Mr. Takhar developed systems in education, sports analytics and in robotics. Mr. Takhar would go on to;

    • 2 projects in sports analytics.
    • 9 projects in robotics.

In 1985, Mr. Takhar began his work in fashion design.

    • Mr. Takhar is the designer on 5 men's fashion design projects including 3 projects of single ensembles, and 2 collections.

The year 1985 saw the inception of Mr. Takhar's work on the BFM SAViM supercomputer. This work from 1985 to 1990 saw the expansion of Mr. Takhar's work in computer science & engineering and systems science to encompass high performance computing, large scale informatics, complex adaptive systems, high-security fault-tolerant systems and industrial design & design engineering. This work has found genesis in most every facet of Mr. Takhar's endeavours on every continent of the World as well as sparking the inception of the organization in 1986.

    • Mr. Takhar has designed, built and operated 53 high performance computing systems.
    • Mr. Takhar has designed, built and operated 59 large scale informatics systems.

In 1986, Mr. Takhar began his work in cyberinfrastructure including the related cybersecurity, cyberlaw and service design & monetization. Mr. Takhar developed the superUI cyberinfrastructure system for the operation and delivery of supercomputing as a service. Through time this service has been referred to as supercomputing services, grid computing, utility computing, cloud computing and most recently as the cloud.

    • Mr. Takhar's work in human factors design spans 53 projects, including user interface design and experience design.

Mr. Takhar furthered his work in fashion design in 1987.

In 1990, with his BFM SAViM work complete, Mr. Takhar began work with a genesis of the BFM SAViM in the form of a second generation, the BFM SAViM II. Again, this work from 1990 to 1996 along with the first generation, would go on to touch much of Mr. Takhar's endeavours to come.

The year 1992 saw Mr. Takhar's work begin in medical- analytics, informatics & diagnostics as well as human-centric wireless mobile enterprise automation and the related enterprise architecture.

    • Mr. Takhar's work includes 47 projects in ambient intelligence, ubiquitous computing & pervasive informatics.

From 1993 to 1995, Mr. Takhar's work in cyberinfrastructure, human factors design and computational linguistics led to development of many superUI interfaces including graphical user interfaces and the web browser interface.

In 1993, Mr. Takhar began work in the propagation of electromagnetic radiation, computational science & engineering, modeling & simulation and the industrial design & design engineering of rugged mobile systems. This work led to his development of mobile systems for signals- intelligence, data acquisition, sensors, informatics and analytics.

    • Mr. Takhar's work in industrial design & design engineering spans 52 projects.

The year 1995 saw Project Firepower. Mr. Takhar's system of rugged high performance computing, large scale informatics, large scale analytics, cybertronics, mechatronics and telematics. This year marks the first public entry of Mr. Takhar into large scale experimental science and large scale military technology.

From 1995 to 1997, Mr. Takhar made his first public entry into the entertainment industry working in high performance computing, large scale informatics, cyberinfrastructure, cybersecurity, cyberlaw, visual effects, animation, technology, design, writing, technical & creative consulting and crisis management.Of Light & Darkness: The Prophecy

    • Mr. Takhar has gone on to 23 projects in film, television, advertising, music videos and games covering development, pre-production, production, post-production and marketing comprising;
      • 7 feature films including 1 IMAX 4K stereoscopic film.
      • 9 television series.
      • 1 television movie.
      • 2 television advertisements.
      • 3 games.
      • 1 music video.

During 1996 to 1997, Mr. Takhar further developed cyberinfrastructure including the superUI API allowing for integration to superUI of third party software, client in-house software and client proprietary chains and pipelines.

In 1997, Mr. Takhar's work in emergence, complex adaptive systems, artificial intelligence & cognitive science, mathematics and BFM SAViM led to development and decoupling of SOEN from BFM SAViM as a separate technology and system. Like BFM SAViM, SOEN has also found use in a great number of Mr. Takhar's endeavours in production use.

The Elf King PosterFrom 1997 to 2000, Mr. Takhar continued endeavours in the entertainment industry.

In 2000, Mr. Takhar began work on the third generation of BFM SAViM.

During the period of 2000 to 2001, Mr. Takhar returned to endeavours in education with the design of an on-line university architecture. While continuing endeavours in the entertainment industry, Mr. Takhar's research in computer science & informatics coupled with his operational experience led to Mr. Takhar's development of the Cellular Bundle Databank, a new informatics system to supersede databases.

From 2001 to 2002, Mr. Takhar continued endeavours in entertainment which also served as a rich testbed for innovation, a research platform and as a node for the discovery of global innovation needs.

The year 2004 saw Mr. Takhar re-emerge into public sight for a brief period in a systems analysis study of hard disk drive technologies.

At the close of 2006, Mr. Takhar re-emerged into public sight. It was at this time that the organization began to openly reveal some of it's history of ventures & endeavours while some of it's clients began to unilaterally disclose some of Lakhvinder's quarter century history of success. It was in 2007, that the existence of Mr. Takhar was openly acknowledged. While a handful of clients, partners and suppliers had become aware- the vast majority were quite surprised to discover that they had been witness & beneficiary to the impressive body of work of a single individual.

Dinosaurs, Giants of Patagonia. Still 3In 2007, Mr. Takhar furthered his works in the entertainment industry with high performance computing, informatics and cyberinfrastructure operations under crisis management on an award winning IMAX 4K stereoscopic feature film.

A request from the United States Air Force would become the 2007 catalyst for the inception of Mr. Takhar's TS programme. Further requests from the United States Intelligence community and internal development would see the expansion of Mr. Takhar's programme from 2007 to 2010.

The year 2007 saw Mr. Takhar's development of architectures & systems in high performance computing, informatics, cyberinfrastructure, sensors, ubiquitous computing, ambient intelligence, pervasive informatics, robotics, military science, intelligence, complex adaptive systems, analytics and data mining. This was the year of Mr. Takhar's inception of the TS programme, his design of the Sentinel architecture, his development of the GAWAIN system for autonomous robotic warfare, his development of the HiLLS military paradigm for modern war, his development of three semantic data description languages, his models for the correct & secure communication of situational awareness & intelligence and his adaptation of commercial wireless networking for applications in war & intelligence.

During the year 2008, Mr. Takhar continued his advanced development programme of BFM SAViM III and began his fourth generation BFM SAViM programme. Generation III represents the last electron based BFM SAViM, with Generation IV as the inception of the photon based BFM SAViM supercomputer. The 2008 development year saw extensive design, modeling and development of BFM SAViM III & IV components as well as design & modeling of manufacturing capability. These constituents of the BFM SAViM programmes were themselves, each an advanced development programme.

hp EliteBook 8730w field & lab instrument in a tree during Lakhvinder | TS experiments.The year 2008 also saw the inception of the development of a large scale informatics system and of two semantic informatics systems. During 2008, Mr. Takhar also completed work in web development, communications design, human factors design, sociology, anthropology, physics, computational physics, computational engineering, industrial design and design engineering.

In the year 2009, Mr. Takhar worked with the finance & venture capital industries in order to assist a client.

The years 2009 to 2010 saw the physical manifestation of the TS programme in the form of Mr. Takhar's design, physical prototype production and field testing of several systems across operational environments.

In the year 2010, Mr. Takhar furthered his work in sports analytics, data acquisition, mobile high performance computing, mobile informatics and complex adaptive systems with an analysis of MotoGP racing.

The years 2010 to 2012 saw Mr. Takhar's completion of several long-term advanced development programmes. This period consisted of extensive research, analysis, design, development, field testing and experimentation across physics, materials science, computer science & engineering, computational science & engineering and industrial design & design engineering. The period of 2010 to 2012 saw the completion of the BFM SAViM III programme, the BFM SAViM IV programme, the Lakhvinder | TS programme, two orbital manufacturing technology programmes related to BFM SAViM IV, the Metaphor and Abstract semantic information systems programmes and the Memory Prime information system programme which now joins the Cellular Bundle Databank in the technology and capabilities pool of Lakhvinder.

List of public projects

CY 1980-1984

  • Insurance Policy Automation System. 1980-1983
  • Mathematics and English Language Educational Software. 1980-1983
  • Computer Science Lab for Education. 1983-1984
  • Real-Time Football Statistics & Analysis System. 1983-1984
  • Robotics Sonar Mapping System. 1983-1984
  • Robotics Optical and Infrared Mapping System. 1983-1984
  • Robotics Tactile Sensor Mapping System. 1983-1984
  • Robotics High-Level Function Recursive Libraries & Operating System. 1983-1984

CY 1985-1989

  • Designed Men's Single Breasted Formal Dinner Jacket. 1985
  • Designed Men's Double Breasted Suit. 1985
  • Designed a Collection of Men's Eisenhower Jackets. 1985
  • Designed Men's Clothing Collection. 1985
  • BFM SAViM (Self Adapting Virtual Machine) Supercomputer and Operating Logic System, Generation I. 1985-1990
  • superUI Architecture & Framework. 1986
  • superUI VT100. 1986
  • Designed Men's Aviator / Safari Shirt. 1987

CY 1990-1994

  • BFM SAViM II, Supercomputer and Operating Logic System. 1990-1996
  • Wireless Tablet Computer based Medical Information and Diagnosis System. 1992
  • superUI gopher. 1993
  • superUI GUI (NeXT & X11). 1993
  • RF Signals Intelligence System. 1993
  • Full Spectrum RF Signal Propagation Mathematical Model and Predictive Simulator. 1993
  • Field SIGINT and Theoretical Model Information Fusion System. 1993
  • superUI e-mail Structured Language. 1993
  • superUI e-mail English Natural Language. 1994

CY 1995-1999

  • superUI Web. 1995
  • Project Firepower, US Navy. 1995
  • Screamers, feature film. 1995-1996
  • Jonny Quest, television movie. 1995-1997
  • Jonny Quest, television series. 1995-1997
  • Yo-Yo Ma, music video. 1995-1997
  • Dolph Lundgren feature film. 1995-1997
  • superUI Telephone Menu and Voice Recognition. 1996
  • superUI FAX OCR Structured Language. 1996
  • Laserhawk, feature film. 1996-1997
  • superUI Client Side Integration API. 1997
  • Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. 1997
  • SOEN ™, Self Organizing Emergent Network ™. 1997
  • Of Light & Darkness: The Prophecy. 1997-1999
  • Hard Corps. 1997-1998
  • Star Trek ®: Starfleet Academy. 1997-1999
  • Star Trek ®: Secret of Vulcan Fury. 1997-1999
  • La Femme Nikita, television series. 1997-2000
  • Toyota Land Cruiser Advertisement. 1998
  • Serafin, television series. 1998-2000

CY 2000-2004

  • BFM ™ SAViM ™ III, Supercomputer and Operating Logic System. 2000-2012
  • On-Line University. 2000-2001
  • The Elf King. 2000-2001
  • Cellular Bundle Databank ™. 2000-2001
  • Gus, My Happy Valentine. 2001
  • Elfkins. 2001-2002
  • Comparative Analysis of Various Hard Disk Drive Technologies. 2004

CY 2005-2009

  • Dinosaurs, Giants of Patagonia. 2007
  • Territorial Saturation: Global Ambient Intelligence Sensory Saturation. 2007
  • Sentinel ™: Concept & Architecture for the Fundamental Construct of Ambient Intelligence. 2007
  • GAWAIN ™: Global Autonomous Warfare & Ambient Intelligence Network ™. 2007
  • HiLLS ™: Hunter | Listener | Logistics | Seeker ™. 2007
  • ambML ™: Ambient Markup Language ™. 2007
  • tacML ™: Tactical Markup Language ™. 2007
  • stratML ™: Strategic Markup Language ™. 2007
  • The Vertical Propagation of Situational Awareness & Intelligence (SAI ™). 2007
  • P2P-SAI ™: Peer to Peer Situational Awareness & Intelligence (SAI ™). 2007
  • The Proper Horizontal Propagation of Situational Awareness & Intelligence (SAI ™). 2007
  • The Use of ZigBee for IntraCellular Ambient Intelligence. 2007
  • The Use of Bluetooth for IntraCellular Ambient Intelligence. 2007
  • The Adaptation of ZigBee for Military and Intelligence Applications in Ambient Intelligence. 2007
  • BFM ™ SAViM ™ IV, Supercomputer and Operating Logic System. 2008-2012
  • VIVA! Choices ™. 2008
  • Memory Prime (memory'). 2008-2012
  • Metaphor: A semantic ontological informatics system. 2008-2012
  • Abstract: A semantic ontological informatics system. 2008-2012
  • Mathematical Modeling and Computational Engineering of Monocoque Carbon Fiber Structures. 2008
  • Manufacturing Physically Cubic Three Dimensional Electron Based Processors. 2008
  • Spherical Three Dimensional Electron Based Processors. 2008
  • The Cooling of Physically Three Dimensional Processors. 2008
  • Zero Gravity and Micro Gravity Manufacture of Three Dimensional Optical Processors. 2008
  • Meta Society I: Death of Privacy, Birth of Privacy. 2008
  • The modeling and simulation of amorphous state and ordered crystalline state phase change of Ge-Sb-Te alloys using hnc: heavy node computing. 2008
  • Meta Society II: Death of Nation, Birth of Societies of Mind, Spark of Cosmopolitan. 2008
  • Software based model and simulator of BFM ™ SAViM ™ III hardware. 2008
  • Mathematical modeling of fundamental optical photon based features and devices of BFM ™ SAViM ™ IV optical photon based hardware. 2008
  • Software based model and simulator of BFM ™ SAViM ™ IV hardware. 2008
  • FPGA based simulator/emulator of components of BFM ™ SAViM ™ III electron based hardware. 2008
  • The modeling and simulation of the fundamental and emergent behaviour of BFM™ SAViM™ III & IV at the systems level abstraction. 2008
  • Orbital payload module for experimentation in the zero gravity and micro gravity manufacture of optical photon based processors. 2008-2012
  • Conceptual design for components of a hosted orbital factory for the zero gravity and micro gravity manufacture of three dimensional optical photon based processors. 2008-2012
  • AmI Brick: Improvised Rugged Notebook Computers for Lakhvinder | TS R&D. 2009
  • Lakhvinder | TS ™: Secure and robust IoT, mass scale autonomous control and predictive analytics for defense, intelligence, transportation and industrial applications. 2007-2012
  • Production of the first experimental TS Sentinel prototypes. 2009
  • Design and Construction of a Microwave Pulse Bombardment Apparatus. 2009
  • Production of TS First Generation Field Notebook Sentinel Experimental Prototypes. 2009
  • GI.1sentinel TS Sentinel AmI integration. 2009
  • Flywheel Energy Storage Venture. 2009
  • TS nominal weather testing completed. 2009
  • TS winter weather testing completed. 2009-2010

CY 2010-2012

  • TS desert testing completed in Death Valley. 2010
  • TS highway, urban, riverbank and river testing completed. 2010
  • An analysis of flocking behaviour in MotoGP motorcycle racing. 2010
  • TS fully integrated final development wrap-up and testing series. 2010-2012
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