Jas Takhar

CLO (Chief Liaison Officer)


Jas TakharJas Takhar (full proper name: Jasvinder Kaur Takhar) is a sales, marketing and relationship management executive who has, over the course of a distinguished career, seen her natural talent for human relationships honed to become a master in the rapid development and management of enduring human and corporate relationships.

The diversity of Lakhvinder's operations across borders, industries and cultures has developed within Jas a robust fluency in technical & social relationships, many of which have been formed in the fires of crisis management.

The daughter of Bakhsho Kaur Takhar, the sister of Lakhvinder Singh Takhar and the great-granddaughter of Karm Singh Chima— Jas first developed her skills and talents from the ground up during her education and externally prior to joining the Organization in 1988.

Curriculum Vitae


CLO, Chief Liaison Officer of Lakhvinder

1997 - present

As CLO of Lakhvinder, Jas Takhar is;

  • Director of relationship development and management with clients, suppliers, partners, alliances and regulatory authorities across international corporations, academia, government, military, intelligence and NGO communities.
  • Director of new business development.
  • Director of sales and marketing.
Liaison Officer SG (Senior Grade) at Lakhvinder

1990 - 1997 (7 years)

As Lakhvinder entered new realms of activites, Jas Takhar served as Director of new business development executing the launch of campaigns and initiatives towards the production of an expanding client base and cultivation of the related relationships with alliances, partners, suppliers and regulatory bodies.

 Liaison Officer JG (Junior Grade) at Lakhvinder

1988 - 1990 (2 years)

Director of development and management of relationships with suppliers, partners and regulatory authorities.

Interior Designer and Sales at Gilpatric Interiors

1988 - 1988 (less than 1 year)

 Interior Designer and Sales at Reiss Interiors

1987 - 1988 (1 year)

Interior Designer and Sales to Elite Clients.

 Office Administrator and Executive Assistant at Decorating Den Interiors

1986 - 1987 (1 year)

  • Regional Headquarters Office Administrator.
  • Executive Assistant to the President.
  • Executive Assistant to the CEO.
  • Event Planner.
  • Franchise Sales Administrator.

This was Jas Takhar's jump into the operations side of business where she served in many roles. While multi-tasking in the executive suite, she developed her skills in administration, the management of more diverse business relations and the launching of new campaigns and initiatives.

Fashion Consultant and Sales Associate at Bridal Boutique

1986 - 1986 (less than 1 year)

As Fashion Consultant and Sales Associate to Elite VIP clients, Jas continued to develop her skills in sales and social relations with an elite clientele. While continuing her education, she was able to learn about another size and scale of the retail and fashion industries. This served to diversify her business exposure while she refined her VIP social networking.

 Wardrobe Consultant and Sales Associate at Weinstock's

1985 - 1986 (1 year)

As Wardrobe Consultant and Sales Associate to exclusive and VIP clients, Jas applied her artistic talents while realizing and honing her natural skills in social relations and networking with an elite clientele. This was Jas Takhar's entry into business while in school and served as an opportunity to discover her skills, hone elite social networking and examine the retail industry.


California State University, Sacramento

1985 - 1988

Business Marketing

Yuba College

1984 - 1985


Arvin High School

1983 - 1984

Yuba City High School

1981 - 1983

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