Under the Umbrella, Gil BruvelLakhvinder ™ is an Advanced Systems Development and Services company with an operational experience of over a quarter century of global engagement in the exploration and application of advanced science, design, technology and special operations to enterprises across industry, finance, education, government & public policy, defense & intelligence, media & entertainment, marketing and humanitarian.

Services & Activities

Lakhvinder conducts and provides:
Services & ActivitiesAlignment
Advanced Systems Development
  • Research, analysis, optimization, integration and development of new and existing products, technologies, services, organizations and processes.
Technical Services & Consulting
  • Science, design and technology.
Creative Services & Consulting
  • Design, media and entertainment.
Management Consulting
  • Enterprise architecture mostly concerned with the evolution & alignment of enterprises with modern science, design and technology.
Information Technolgy & Cloud Computing
  • Advanced information systems, Cybersecurity, Supercomputing and HPC Cloud Computing.
Crisis Management & Special Operations
  • Crisis management: mostly aligned with the actual operational solution to the crisis including both the technical and human factors of the principal invested parties, as opposed to the general public relations with non-invested parties.
  • Special operations: discreet unrestricted operations towards moral & ethical desired outcomes.

For over a quarter of a century, the leading organizations of the World have entrusted Lakhvinder to deliver the solutions to solve their most sensitive problems, to meet their most grand challenges and to achieve their highest goals — to operate across the entire spectrum of endeavours which constitute a venture through to fruition.

...from thought, to form, to function...
Lakhvinder ™

Fields (Compact)

| Science | Design | Technology |
Physics, Biotechnology and Materials Science Computational Science & Engineering
Data Science & Engineering Computer Science & Engineering
Industrial Design & Design Engineering Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science
Enterprise Architecture Robotics & Automation
Media & Entertainment Crisis Management
Public Policy Special Operations

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